Silly Question, but...

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  1. What is the difference between a Reissue and a Classic bag?
    I just got a GST in Bordeaux and have a medium black caviar flap(?) with silver hardware. I don't know much about the "family tree" of Chanel, but I am very interested.
    Thanks for helping!
  2. The short version is the 2.55 reissue was a remake of the classic flap for its 55 year anniversary.
  3. Thank you. I am still new around here and am learning lots about handbags.
    It's a "Classic With Flap."
    I just found the tag that I saved with the bag. The label on the box was not really clear (it reads SAC CLASS RABAT) and I had no clue as to what that meant!
    When I bought this bag a couple of years ago, I had just purchased a pair of Chanel riding boots and was smitten.
    I knew I needed a classic Chanel and bought it over the phone sight unseen from Nordstrom in Seattle.
  4. It gets very confusing because Chanel doesn't put the names of the bags on the tag or box. The term Sac Class Rabat describes the shape, they also use terms like Camera Case, and Small Tote, Large Tote, etc.

    That's the reason that Swanky_Mama set up the reference library.

  5. I saw a Cerf at Chanel a couple of weeks ago and the tag just said "Large Tote" and when I asked about it at NM they told me it was called Cerf (which I mistakingly thought "surf")
    I can now see the difference between the reissues and the classics. Thanks again for everybody's help!
  6. No questions are stupid:p