Silly Question ............but what is your favorite

  1. flavor of Kool-Aid?
    I Love Fruit Punch and Lemonade mixed together.

    My son asked me this for a school survey and he needed to ask as many people as he can , so if you don't mind helping him out.......................:smile:
  2. I like Fruit Punch too. I like lemonade too.
  3. Fruit Punch is so yummy! I wish I could have some now actually!

  4. grape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. When I was younger I drank the red kind(lmao Im so ghetto!) I really dont know what it was, maybe Fruit Punch?? I cant stand the stuff now, tastes like plain sugar to me!
  6. Oh gosh I haven't had this in years. But the Cherry and Lemonade mixed together was the BEST!
  7. I loved the cherry, but I also love the new stuff they came out with, when the powder changes colors when it goes in the water. So fascinating :wlae:!!!!
  8. I wouldn't even know...I haven't had Kool-Aid since I was little...I was never big on mixed drinks...give me a gallon of apple juice over kool-aid anyday!
  9. Fruit Punch!
  10. Orange!