Silly question... but do different types of leather have different smells?

  1. I know this is a strange question, but I just got one of the ever so popular Ali bags, and the leather smells a little different from my other leather bags. Just curious...

  2. The Ergo Vintage Vachetta leather does smell way different than the leather used in the regular ergo bags.
    I thing the Vintage leather has a very rich and distinct smell.
  3. Yes, mine all smell different. They each have their own distinct smell.
  4. I love that leather smell. My soho tote and Ali smell delish.
  5. I love that leather smell, too. I could identify my "babies" by scent...does that make me a penguin? My brown Legacy shoulder smells different than my whiskey Legacy shoulder...kinda weird. Hampton's vintage carryall is my fav smelling bag, mmmmmmmmmmm!
  6. Me too! I love my Hampton's pebbled leather. I also love my small black Legacy flap smell.
  7. mmmmm leather smellllllll
  8. Thanks for the great responses!!
  9. Even the leather on my signature carly has a different scent than my Ergo hobo!
  10. They all smell different to me.