silly question but...are you guys still loving you coffer?

  1. seems like the coffer talk has died down a little! but are you guys still loving it? should one even consider buying it now? i saw the white color they made for this season and it is TDF! what are your thoughts :smile:!
  2. I have the cream colored one! I have not used it yet. ITs funny today I saw a black coffer on a very stylish woman , I think it was the new longer strap style and it looked great . I will have to take my baby out soon. I have only seen this bag on 2 women yet. Strange. Women here like LV and coach. But yes I think you should purchase the bag its so soft and
  3. i am over it now. i think its stil a stunning bag though.
  4. aww doulostohim why are you over it? I havent even used mine yet lol. How lobe have you had it ? And what color?
  5. I have it in brown and still LOVE IT!! The bag seems to look even better after it's a little worn.
  6. i love them- just not every day.

  7. :heart: it still!!
  8. I'm thinking of getting one - anyone want to share their thoughts on what it's like? Is it easy to get in and out of? Are the big pockets practical? I carry a lot of devices like iPod and PDA - would the pockets on the front be suitable for that?
  9. I def think you could fit a pda and you iPod in the pockets.. I'm so inlove with mine, it's almost scary. The leather wears beautifully, and it's big enough for all the things I need on an everyday basis.

    In mine, I carry:
    Creative Zen V+ mp3 player (small..)
    Lip Balm
    Wool socks
    Cell Phone
    Bottle of water

    Hmm, I sure carry alot. I didn't really know that till I saw it all lined up.

    And it's so easy to carry!!!
  10. SiljeEmilienne, don't you think it's heavy? after putting so much stuff in it? i don't use mine much cos i think it's too heavy after i put in all those stuff!
  11. No, not really.. but mind you that some of the items are mini, like the umbrella, the socks and the hairbrush:p

    Of course it's not excactly light when I carry it, but since I use the messanger strap, I haven't had any trouble.. Hope it stays that way!!
  12. i'm loving mine still. the leather becomes softer with use and it's quite a unique design that isnt boring. the pockets are great for keys and phone.

    silje - did you trade in your suede coffer ?
  13. Yes, I just did... I know it's crazy, but my SO NEEDED a bag (LV Dersou), and a friend of ours had bought that and wanted the coffer for his girlfriend, so I completely sacrifized myself.

    And believe me, IT HURTS:crybaby:

    On the other hand - I've already put another coffer in my shoppingbag at N-A-P!! It will be bought, and I actually made som money selling/trading my coffer.

    And my darling is soooo happy! (I know, I feel like I've bought him, but he was the one who gave it too me ITFP, so he'll help me with this one) It's worth it!
  14. so i should still get the coffer?! hehe
  15. I say yes, but you might want to wait a while more. I've been in love with it since it came out, and I still love it, so I will keep wearing it till it's worn out:wlae: Just make sure it fits your wardrobe!