Silly Question about the Coach Gift Boxes

  1. So I bouth 4 bags and two wallets at the PCE, all first ever coach handbag purchases too (I purchased three accessories over the last three months to work up to this), but when they asked if I wanted them gift boxed I said no. Now I'm dissapointed. The boxes would have been an excellent place to store my bags in my limited closet space. Does anyone know are the boxes free for the asking, I don't want to make this mistake again! Should I call the store and ask for boxes after the fact?

    Like I said silly question.

    Got the Mandy Courier in signature black
    White leather legacy shoulder bag
    Legacy signature khaki/black slim wallet
    White leather legacy small french purse (wallet)
    Khaki/Chocolate stripe signature stripe shoulder tote
    Black silky Hamptons weekend small tote
  2. boxes are free and they do complimentary gift wrapping, too.

    i'm sure if you go back, they'd give them to you! just explain what happened!
  3. yup! i looooove to get it all gift boxed because you are right they are perfect storage boxes
  4. i heart gift boxes too, it makes the coach experience even better, i'd def go back and ask for them.

    when i bought my items at the PCE, they had to be ordered from jax so my SA put the order in without asking me about gift packaging . . . when i looked at the recipt i saw she had ordered them gift wrapped and with a special card saying : "Enjoy!". she's so cute!

    sry i shared this seemingly unimportant story, but it seemed sort of relevant to the gift box thing hehe.
  5. i adore getting my purchases boxed and gift wrapped =] not so much for storage, but because when i get home and open everything, its like christmas! sometimes i go to the outlets, and they dont do gift wrapping or give boxes, so i dont get as excited.
  6. the Outlets DO have boxes available...they are not as nice as the brown ones from the boutique...but still, they have boxes
  7. i dont store in outlet boxes though because they arent as sturdy as the full price boxes
  8. The outlet will gift wrap for you if you ask. I bought each of my sons a wallet at the outlet for Valentine's Day and it was on V-Day. My SA knew it was for them for that day and offered to wrap them up right then for me. She did them in the box and then wrapped red ribbon around it.

    And, at Camarillo, the only time I was there, I was getting a birthday gift and was on the way to see the person. The SA noticed me talking about that and also offered to wrap up the purse.

    I love Coach Outlets and their SA's!
  9. I love the boxes because not only can you store then easily, but it feels so much like Christmas from me to me, lol!