Silly question about Murakami..?

Alice From Italy

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Jun 7, 2006
Hi ladies! I joined this forum last June and all I know about Lv and Chanel I've learned here, thanks for the great and useful you always give! :yes:
Before my grandma gave me a Speedy 25 I was not that much into LV so I lost all the beauties before this summer.
Now I have another question for you, I really love what Murakami did, esp. the Cherry Blossom!!! I also know that MC is made by him. I wonder, is he going to make something new as cute as CB or cerise?! Or left the collaboration with the maison? I mean, will we have a new line again with so cute&girly images?! :smile:
Sorry for my ignorance :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:


Dec 14, 2006
Alice, :heart: ur chanel avatar!

Hehehe i'm not too sure either if Marc Jacobs and LV business authorized will ask Mr. Murakami to collaborate with LV again. But may be, since they always selling and made $$$ really well. hehehe:roflmfao:


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Jun 4, 2006
i love takashi murakami even before he joined with LV, and i'm also one of the person who cursed when i know he collaborated, because he's the one who made me want to have an LV.

i think he's def. going to make more because look at the craziness piled up with the MC line... or at least, i hope so :P