Silly question about MS Word...

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question....but how do you keep 2 Word documents open at the same time? I wanted to look at 2 versions of my resume and when I opened the second word doc the first one disappeared. I can open 2 Excel files fine but am having problems figuring it out for Word.

    TIA :shame:
  2. go to the Window menu and click on "arrange windows". it will display the two side by side. you can even drag and srop information from one file to the other
  3. This is probably the same thing MissThing said, but a different way of getting to it: Go to Control Panel, then Taskbar, then uncheck "Group similiar taskbar buttons." You may need to close and reopen your documents for it to take affect.
  4. Thanks for the tips!

    dancer31rmb: I went to my taskbar and the "Group similiar taskbar buttons" was already unchecked.

    MissThing: I tried the arrange windows and it worked!