Silly question about Koala wallet

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  1. So I had to have something repaired at the LV boutique today...dangerous! Anyway I have been needing a new wallet, all my other ones feel to big. So I was looking and decided on the Koala. The SA said that this is the new one. From what I can tell the only thing different is the placement of the ID holder. Anyway I was putting the box away and looked at the says PF Koala. What does the PF mean? I assume that it is the style/size but a friend of mine thought not. Like I said it is a silly question, but I was just curious. Thanks- Trisha
  2. Probably "portefeuille" which means wallet.
  3. I own three Koala wallets and a Koala agenda PM; I love the style a lot.
  4. Thanks! I know it was a silly question.
  5. I have a MC koala and I love it. It is my favorite wallet
  6. I was not aware they made a change on the id window of the koala wallet. How does the newer model differ?