Silly question about boxes... =P

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  1. I :heart: the pull-out boxes that LV gives for their accessories, but I was wondering if the handbags come with a nice box like that?

    For my speedy, I was given a collapsible box, which is still nice... but I would have thought that something that expensive would come in a heavier-duty box! :sweatdrop:

    I bought my speedy at the LV in Neiman's, and my accessories at the actual stores, so do only the stand-alone stores have the prettier boxes?

    I don't know why I even want the boxes... just cuz they're so nice looking, I suppose! TIA!
  2. For all of my purses except my BH I got those really nice boxes that are two-piece. My BH came with the collapsible box (not as nice).
  3. I think smaller bags have the 'nice' boxes, bigger bags tend to have the collapsable kind
  4. I always got boxes for my accessories, except my recent inclusion speedy key ring and bubble earrings. But my azur speedy was the first time I got a box, which I got from elux. Whenever I purchased at the store they just gave me the dust bag.
  5. umm my speedy came folded up in a 2 piece box that was like a huge shirt was the same heavy duty-ness as the accesories pull out boxes....which I LVOEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! but like 2 days after i got it i stepped on the box and broke sad about it! lol.
  6. a few of my mid-size bags came in a really nice box..not a slide out, but a lift-top one.

    I love the small slide boxes though, however i trip over them all the time cause they are strewn everywhere all over my apartment, lol.
  7. chen-chen,
    yes I understand your need to understand the box situation.
    When I bought handbag at boutique, it came with a dustcover, and accessories came with those little boxes.
    Maybe they do not have big pull-ut boxes?

    (funny I was just thinking about this while driving this morning.)
  8. Hmm, just wondering, what is the biggest size for the pull-out kinda box?
  9. As far as I know, the drawer-type boxes are only manufactured for smaller items. They would make such pretty boxes for our bags, though. If anyone from Louis Vuitton is reading this, please make large drawer boxes for our purses!!!
  10. My wapity's came in one, also my mono pti came in a long narrow one. Those are the biggest ones I've seen. After that they go up to the two piece top and bottom boxes.
  11. ITA!!! :nuts: :love:
  12. Oh, so far the biggest I've seen is those they use to put the LV shawl. Just wondering if the have bigger ones for bags. That would be really nice! :love:
  13. The biggest drawer-type boxes I've seen are the ones that come with the shoes. The smallest are the ones that the Inclusion rings come in :yes: