Silly Q - outfit/bag ensemble

  1. This probably comes across as a silly question but I have to ask anyway.

    Let's say you knew beforehand that you have a dinner/official function to attend after work. Quite naturally, most women would dress in something versatile or in layers which you can transform to a more appropriate evening outfit, instead of appearing in a business suit. Who actually brings a completely new outfit to change into after work?

    What about your bag? Would you bring one that can transcend from day to night, or do you bring a different bag for the evenig/night?

    It'll be interesting to hear how different people do things.

  2. I'd bring one that goes from day to night. This is why I love black box, it works for both occasions.
  3. Agreed! I love the Elan but a small Black Box Kelly goes from the office to a schmancy dinner or cocktails with the girls afterward without a problem whatsoever!
  4. I don't change into a new outfit, I just add a nice pair of earrings and a kelly bag really works from day to evening!
  5. No new outfit for me, either. Just fresh make-up, maybe nicer jewlrey, flats to heels (maybe) and that would be it.
  6. I'll wear a skimpy top under a jacket !
    Either that or its a nice dress under the jacket.

    Throw in a kelly.
    And viola, when nite falls, off goes the jacket, let down my hair and I'm ready to party :wlae:
  7. I usually bring a pair of stilettos/tall heels to change into and a separate bag. My work bags are too big, and I need that space for the day, but will bring another bag for going out later if I can't go home first.
  8. Sounds like a black box Kelly is a must-have!!!! Except that I am finding it damn hard to find one. :crybaby:
  9. Yup, I would bring Ms BB Kelly.
  10. Might change shoes or handbag...but more likely to bring handbag that could go the distance...
  11. Note the majority votes for the elegant Kelly... :smile: Mrssparkles, I remember you mentioned your store manager has cancelled all box Kellys? That is sad indeed.

    What about a kelly in a smaller size in other leather options? The Box leather only makes it *even* more elegant, but a kelly by itself already symbolises that. Unless for you it's Box or die....

    My store manager has told me I'll be getting my Box Birkin next season <yippee yahoo> Sorry for rejoicing but I can't help it!!! Maybe you should go to another store and try :smile: You may luck out and get a back order Box Kelly!
  12. Actually I did this today. I have a dinner meeting a a very nice restaurant in Bev Hills this evening. I am wearing a melon colored shell, brown cotton twill pant, brown suede shoes (with stack heel) brown tweed Chanel jacket and my orange togo 32cm Kelly. The advantage I have is that I don't have to wear the jacket during the day. It hangs in a closet and I wear a lab coat all day. Sometimes I do bring a different pair of pants and shoes to change into before going out. I have to do that if I want to wear heels in the evening. Too much for me to wear a high heel all day long.

    Hope this helps Mrs. Sparkles:flowers:
  13. And I forgot to add, I always have a spare outfit (formal wear) and spare pair of high heels in my office. So maybe I'm one of the few rare birds to bother with changing for a formal dinner at the end of the day. I guess I belong to the "old fashioned old class" old ladies club :smile: I also have a spare H chiffon scarf in the office. I would wear a nice black skirt to work, and after work, wear the chiffon scarf as revealing top and I'm ready to go out to party. Oh my kelly too <heehe>
  14. Me too. I'd tend to do a dressy top with a pants suit, remove the jacket for the evening, add heels.

    Or dress with jacket, remove jacket for evening, add heels (I'd be wearing heels with a dress anyway).

    Black Box Kelly.
  15. If I know I'm going out straight from a job I'll wear a pretty camisol (splg) under my suit jacket and bring dressy earings and my Kelly. I always wear heels so I don't need to change my shoes. I also will change my makeup a little. I'll wear a darker shade of lipstick or create smoky eyes.