silly, possibly stupid, question but gotta ask

Dec 26, 2007
i received an email from FLL stating that my order has been processed and will ship as
soon as it comes in and that they'll send me the tracking information then.

ok my question is this: does this mean that by april 15th (which is when they have the item available) my bag will be ready to get shipped?? or is there more steps involved?? i making any sense??

like how do u know for a fact that the invoice is finalized? is it already finalized once you receive an email stating that the order has been processed?
Sep 5, 2007
Hi dear, through my experience with them, they are very prompt in their emails and shipping.. When they received the stock, they will send out an email to inform you that your item is ready to be ship and charge ur card.. And once it's shipped you will receive another email stating the tracking number.. The whole process will also be reflected under My Account on FLL site when you log in. Hope its clearer to you now!