silly PDA holder related question

  1. I went out and bought my first palm PDA today (only the z22, but fits my purposes just fine) and then I went to let-trade to look at the PDA Palm Leather Holder they have listed...item #y92...

    my question is, how in the world does the PDA sit in the holder? shouldn't there be some type of attachment to hold it in? I wouldn't want it to slide out ....

    does anyone have one of these?
    can you post pics? give advice? I would really like to get one..

    thanks everyone :smile:
  2. LV only made one PDA holder designed ONLY for the Palm V - it will not fit any other PDA (according to LV)
  3. Usually they supply two sticky velcro attachments--one for the holder and one for the PDA...BUT I don't have an LV one, I am speaking stritly from my experience with other brands.
  4. thanks for the info

    it looks like palm v's dimensions are: 8 cm x 1 cm x 11.5 cm

    mine is about 7 x 1 x 10

    so if it's held in by velcro it should still fit pretty well, no?
  5. BTW does anyone know what the retail price on it was?
  6. ^^^ anybody?
  7. I was wondering the same...:yes:

    Pozdrowienia z Polski! Co słychać?
  8. ^^^ Don't know the retail - try calling LV and see if they can find out

    As for the holder, the little pencil thing in the middle actually slides into the left side of the Palm V.

    You can still use it for other PDAs but then you need to apply Velcro to the leather and the back of the PDA. Not sure if you can remove the pencil thing on the holder though...
  9. I agree. I have the Kate Spade one and they provide you with sticky velcro, one side you stick on the holder and the other side you stick on the back of your palm.