Silly little proud puppy moment


Sep 21, 2007
Very small and silly, I know, but I am very proud of my 7.5 month old Yorkie mix, Charlie. We've been working on housebreaking and the yorkie in him has been fighting it (i.e. going just a bit on the floor RIGHT after going outside). BUT, tonight he went by the front door and was sitting waiting to go out and do his thing! I am really proud of him. Just had to share... maybe someone else can relate to my odd pride in this moment! This is not to say that he now "gets" it, but boy, is it a good sign!


Jan 18, 2006
We went through a terrible time housebreaking our Shih Tzu so I totally understand your pride at this moment. The first time our puppy seemed to be waiting at the door and barking I was beyond elated. There were still some accidents along the way after that, but it really was the start of her "getting it." This is a great sign and I'm sure you'll see a big improvement from here on out since something has finally clicked.


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Mar 27, 2006
My dog is easy to housebreak as a pup. I can still remember how proud I was seeing him took it so quickly. He was doing it inside in the bathroom on a pile of newspapers when we lived in an apt and now he does it outside coz we have a huge backyard. So, he no longer can do it as he wish like with the newspapers. My dog knows how to hold it, but he still have accidents here and there (always in the same spot: in the living room, next to the standing lamp). I swear sometimes he does the "accident" on purpose just to piss us off. We would be there watching telly, ready to open the door for him if he wants to do toilet, but he prefers to pull an accident!


Aug 3, 2006
Awww! I completely understand your proud moment. My pup was so difficult when it came to housebreaking. He was just very stubborn, and once he started getting the hang of it and following the rules, I was beyond happy! I still remember the first time he scratched the door to let me know he had to go... that was the best! :love:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
Totally understand! Some breeds are more stubborn about it than others. I was never very good at the housebreaking. Good for you and your Yorkie!!!