Silly J. Crew question

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  1. Okay, so I am reaaally impatient, and the snow today has kept me inside.

    I saw an outfit in my local j.crew store window- it was a cute khaki colored skirt, a denim top or jacket (not sure) and the buffalo scarf (the pink gingham one)

    Does anyone know if all stores put up the same outfits? Basically, I am trying to find a pic of this outfit, as I can't remember exactly what shirt or top the mannequin was wearing.
  2. I think that most stores put up the same clothes on the mannequins but in different ways. Each store does have a visual manager so they may do things unique to the store. Also, the clothes get pulled from a form when/if a customer wants it, so they just replace the item with whatever they want. hth!