Silly Idea..

  1. Dustbags. I really like the way some of the Dustbags look!
    Everyone who buys something at LV gets a dustbag, so everyone who owns something can do this too! :yahoo:

    Anyways, I was sitting around thinking about buying a new purse, and what one to get, and when I figured out that I wanted the Cherry Speedy 25, I couldn't buy one!

    So I was feeling down in the dumps, and I was looking at all my LVs. All of a sudden I noticed one of my Dustbags from my shoes..
    Did you ever notice how cute the dustbags are?!

    Then it came to me! :nuts:
    I know this is kind of tacky... butttttt
    It can also be used as a purse!

    It can be used in many different ways, making it easy to carry..

    It can be held like Normal..

    It can be flung over your shoulder..

    It can be hung over you..

    And! You still are carrying a Louis Vuitton, making it really really fashionable!

    :rolleyes: Call me crazy, but I like it.
  2. it looks cute!!
  3. We are definitely LV addicts when we covet dust cover bags! :p

  4. Hahaa!
    I bet if they sold the Dust bags as a purse, I'd buy one.
    I really think it's cute.
    I think they should make a scarf or something that looked like it to hang from the purses, that looks like the Dustbag. I think it would look GREAT hanging from a Mono Speedy!
  5. that would be cute
  6. omg! they should do that!
    but they would be like, 500 each instead of "free with every purchase"
  7. LOL.. you can kinda make it like a backpack like at the MAC store :smile: FUN!
  8. Haha right!

    It would be really cute if they made it like the "Noe GM"!
    Because the bottom would be hard, and the top would be pull tie.
    I think they would make money on it.

    I'd like to see a speedy look like it too!
  9. i love it girl!
  10. Very cute idea.
    I use my dustbags as wallets and cosmetic pouches leaving my wallets still in the box. My dh thinks I'm crazy.:p
  11. :p ITA!
  12. lol. it's actually cute! When I dormed my freshman year I used my burberry dustbag as a laundry bag to take clothes home to wash. Never thought of using it as a bag/purse though.
  13. NO!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone knows that duster bags, whether from a bag or a pair of shoes, comes with the purchased item and it would be just plain old tacky.

    Don't ruin good taste and use the duster bag for other purposes, ie- to store your shoes, lingerie, jewlery or anything else, in the duster bags which always comes in handy while traveling.
  14. I think it looks cute on you! Now we will know how to recognize fellow pf-ers.....:p
  15. LOL novel idea LOL