Silly hypothetical poll...dreamin' again...


Which of my dream bags do you prefer?

  1. The Sharon Stone bag

  2. Birkin

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  1. I LOVE this bag, I call it the Sharon Stone bag because I've only seen her carry it. It is by far my favorite bag LV has ever made. If I had a chance to get it back when they were at the boutiques, I seriously would have considered selling every bag I own to get it. lol Anyhow, my other *dream* bag is of course a Birkin. So say (money not being an issue) you could have Sharon's bag or a Birkin of your choice retailing around the same price which would you get???? Just curious. lol ;)


  2. I'll start.:smile: I would probably end up getting Sharon's bag if it were in all black.:heart:
  3. Well, I don't know the exact name of that particular style sharon stone is holding, but i would get the Mizi Vienna..a lil different style than hers but the same line, in the purple or a dark green they had...:drool:

    I do want a birkin too and would probably wait for that since there are birkins available more so than most limited lv' yea, i'd grab the lv 1st, then the birkin later on.

    see, i WANT a birkin for myself... but there so many new and limited LV's out and coming out that i, so, gives me no time (and money) to stop and make a solitary birkin purchase.
  4. I know what you mean, Gayle. I love the Vienna Mizi too!!! I know that one retailed for $2700. Does anyone know how much my dream bag retalied for??? I know the seller of the eBay link I provided above has it for $15K, but how inflated is that I wonder? Anyhow, after every limited edition purchase, I say, "This is it for me, until I save for my Birkin." Then of course, I falter again. And by now, I could have purchased 2 Birkins with all the shopping I've been doing. lol
  5. I would get that bag Sharons got cause it's soo pretty!
    I like that one and the Vienna Mizi,
    Birkins are hot,
    But i love that LV bag :drool:
  6. should check out the limited edition reference thread...that bag is on there and I can't remember if we have a price for it or not...

    That said...I'd go for the Birkin!
  7. FOund it:

    Sac Fermoir GM Aubergine. No price listed...only came in this color.

  8. Twiggers, no price, but I've seen beautiful pics of that bag on that thread. =)
  9. Oh, so it only came in that color???? I'd still take it! I love that color!
  10. sharons bag is so pretty!
  11. The Mizi is really gorgeous, so it's a tough choice! I think the Mizi is more my style, but something is very alluring about the Birkin. I'd pick...... the Birkin. No, the Mizi. I guess the Birkin. It's hard!
  12. ^^ the birkin all the way:yahoo:.. Shoes are nice too :smile:
  13. birkin. its my dream bag too. im converting to the orange side.
  14. I think its something we all do in time LOL

    I"m on the hunt myself.. for a picotin...(sp)
  15. [​IMG]
    this one!!!!! my stratus twin! :drool::heart::tup: