Silly H things that you NEED...

  1. OK, time to spill......all the silly H items that you just NEED for some reason....

    mine is the H Binoculars. DH & I go to the races four times a year (big down here) and it is part of my job, dressing the ladies, so I NEED H binoculars! I'm sick of using DH's big ones, and Opera glasses aren't strong the H ones come in a divine little bag (of course they would!).

    So, any "silly" H things you need...:graucho:
  2. I also love the Bonsai Scissors, but I cannot seem to justify these.......
  3. I was actually going to buy myself a Hermie. I still think about getting myself one.
  4. Maybe the "painting kit" in a barénia cover. gorgeous :drool:

    Or maybe one day, if I have a guitar I would like a guitar case like Eric Clapton all in croc! :lol:
  5. What's a Hermie?

    Hermes makes bonsai scissors?? I need those! I have a Japanese maple bonsai that needs its roots trimmed as well as foliage.

    ETA: forgot to say.. I need(?) one of those leather hippo keychains.
  6. Palladium gloves holder! But I *really* do need one... can't just stick my gloves in my bag, right? :yes:
  7. Sticky holder. Gotta get me one of those......:upsidedown:
  8. Sue, meet Hermie...............
  9. GOTTA get one, HG! Too cute for words!!!!
  10. Ohhh, I would love that!
  11. Binoculars and a tissue holder:shame:
  12. I really NEED a Miel Croc Bag, lol:roflmfao:! Seriously now, I could use a good makeup case for traveling - a supple leather though.

  13. I don't smoke, but I'm still hankering for an ashtray I saw in SF--so pretty!
  14. orchids, I totally agree! I love their ashtrays. Actually, they are too pretty to be ashtrays..
  15. The Rocking Horse!
    I don't have kids but I NEED it!
    All my girlfriends have kids so when they come over they can play! Maybe that way they would leave poor Rhoda alone ;)
    Awwww and the Hermy... I want it..... I wonder if they make a custom-order one that looks like my Hello...
    AND the flashlight, the flat one.... I NEED IT!
    There is no end, is there.... there is just no end........
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