Silly Ebay Questions

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  1. Good Morning,

    I'm new at the whole ebay bidding thing so bear with me. I found a bag that I really like but it's a buy it now only ( they have 5 of the same bag in stock). I personally think the price they're asking for is a little high. Now would it be rude to send them a mesage saying I want the bag and I'd be will to pay this price if they were intersted in selling it to me for the price I offered, or is the price I see that's the price don't bother negotiiating.
  2. it's always worth a try. but have the bag authenticated in the proper authentication thread here first before you make an offer. good luck.
  3. Did you search ebay for other listings for the same purse and see who else is selling it at what price? If it seems high then you should make a *reasonable* offer based on their asking price. Worse they can do is say no.
  4. ^^ good advice
  5. Make sure you do get it authenticated first at the forum. For me, five of the same bags raise a big red flag. If they do accept your offer, try use pp with cc. GL.
  6. I agree with Alice1979. Having multiple of the same bags, a big red flag

    is waving in my face for sure. Definitely pay with pp and cc if you decide to go ahead

    with this transaction.
  7. Well if it's authentic, go for it. But I would avoid shooting lowblow offers, make a reasonable offer.
  8. Thanks everyone for all the advise. After doing all the research I sent the person a very reasonable offer (not a low ball one) two days has passed and I've heard from them. How do I know if they set auto-decline and haven't read my message?
  9. You can't auto-decline a message sent from an eBay member. Either they haven't seen the message yet or are just ignoring you.

    Did you get the bag authenticated? What type of bag is it?

  10. Yes, the bag has been authenticated and the seller is a very reputable seller here at TPF. It's an Hampton Optic Signature Stripe Carryall (Khaki) 13337 with a match wallet 41252.
  11. good luck
  12. I had the same thing happen to me just today. I have bag up for auction and someone sent me a message asking if I'd take a different amount (1/2 of the listing price). I sent a message back saying that I'd do a meet-in-the-middle of 75% of the asking price...haven't heard back. As long as the offers are reasonable and as long as you make sure the bag is authentic (the "I have 5 of these bags" is DEFINITELY a red flag), then I don't see a problem. :smile:
  13. yes...5 of the same Coach bag says one of 2 things to me: either they are selling fakes or they are one of the Coach outlet hogs/resellers!
  14. OP, just make sure you don't do the transaction off of da BAY or you won't be protected with PP if they deliver you a fake.