Silly concerns

  1. Hi gals, ok I finally took the plunge and got my mum's friend (who is on a trip to Paris) to purchase a City in plomb for me!!! I think she's already bought it, but have no idea whether it's RH or GSH or GGH.

    I am still relatively new to Balenciaga so could any of you gals tell me if they have ALL those hardware combis with the plomb City or whether the latest one only comes with RH? I am going out of my mind wondering which it is!!!

    I don't know when exactly she's coming back, and don't really want to trouble her further by asking her to go back to the boutique and exchange it or anything. Plus I don't think she'd really know what I was talking about with the hardware either :confused1:
  2. My suggestion would be to ask her if the hardware is bright gold in color and looks like large thimbles on the bag. If she says yes then you know you got GH. If not, then you can go from there.
  3. Yes, the regular hardware is completely smooth white the giant silver and gold has a pattern dimpled all over it. The giant silver and gold would be super shiny too, so if you ask about colour you can say, 'Is it shiny gold, shiny silver, or a matte dark grey-brown shade?'
  4. Also the GH doesn't have tassels at all, so you could just say 'Does it have long thin tassels?'
  5. Oh, and, it could be any. The Plomb City would have come in all three I think. If you don't want to bother your mum's friend, why not phone the store and ask them what they sold?
  6. eeek ok thanks a bunch gals!! i am trying to remember if i told her wks ago that i wanted the RH, becos she would have asked which hardware i wanted if there were all 3 to choose from. i think she's on her way back... will post pics once i get my new baby!! :yahoo:
  7. MY BAG IS HERE!!! My mum just called me in the ofc (such crap that I am working on a Saturday) and said it just arrived!!! And it sounds like it's just the regular hardware.. YAYYYYYY! I will post pics soon!