Silly buyers with unreasonable expectations!

  1. I sold a piece of LV inclusion haircubes on eBay. My auction description & pictures clearly states one piece as shown and no other extras. However after receiving the package, the buyer emailed me saying "...strangely enough, I thought the action was for two pieces?" :wtf:

    She ended up leaving me positive feedback but she must have left me pretty bad detailed star rating for "item as described" because my rating for this category plummeted after she left her fb... :cursing:

    I'm just frustrated because it's not fair that I get the blame. I make good efforts to describe my items honestly. Descriptions are clear & pictures are clear but the buyer can somehow expect something different!

    Thanks for letting me vent! :sad:
  2. I know-some people are ridiculous with their expectations. It's scary. We should be able to rate the buyers, too!
  3. There are sellers who list a pr of jeans & buyers want to know where the second one is.
  4. Oh geez. Yet another example of buyers who don't read.
    I agree with the buyer's ratings being a good idea....also possibly an IQ test of some kind. :rolleyes:
  5. I especially love the buyers that are last minute bidders, who don't read the auction whatsoever. Then while paying, they have a ton of questions that are clearly readable.
  6. ^^YES! I have "bidders with under 10 feedback comments please contact me before bidding" (I won't cancel their bids but still, it's the idea). I get these bidders at the last minute who have even under FIVE comments bidding and they end up winning. That's when I get a little nervous because I never know if they're just bidding for the fun of it and not because they want the item.
  7. I cannot deal with the buyers who do not read the auction listings and then win the item, then start asking questions. Even with a notice on the auction listings to ask all questions prior to bidding, there are still several bidders who do not abide.
  8. i had the same problem with a G5 mac computer i sold. it was damaged and i was only selling it for parts which i made clear in the auction. the winning bidder emailed me AFTER winning the auction asking me how to fix it! i emailed him back saying i diddnt know what the exact problem was or how to fix it (which i also made clear in my auction) he emails me back all ticked off and wants $50 back from what he paid! i never gave it back to him and asked him to read the auction fully before emailing me again. after reading it properly he diddnt email back and he diddnt leave feedback.
    i cant beleive there are people like this out there!
  9. Ugh! Hate it when they don't read or have problems after it ends. I sold about 40 pieces of my son's clothing on eBay last fall. I usually get pretty good money for them, mostly Oilily and Hanna Andersson. Anyways, this bidder wins like 15-20 auctions and after they all end she emails me saying the shipping is too high (I go by weight and don't make anything extra) and that I can either lower the combined shipping or send out second chance offers to the other bidders. :wtf: Not a newbie either, she had over 500 feedback. Oh yes, she was on the blocked buyer list in minutes after that email.
    Sorry to hear about your trouble.
  10. I just have to say that "inclusion haircubes" has got to be one of the most spectacular product names of this young century!
  11. Personally as a seller on eBay I hate the star rating system. I have completed a ton of transactions with 100% + fb and charge ACTUAL shipping costs. For some reason dorks out there give less than perfect stars for REAL, ACTUAL, amount charges??????? Some people you just wanna cuff upside the head!!!
  12. ^Lol I guess they expect free shipping for everything. :rolleyes:
  13. My favorite is the **two** men I have had who have bought women's shoes from me because they apparently didn't (1) look at the category the items were posted in (2) read the description or (3) look at the photos.

    And no, they weren't cross-dressing; both e-mailed me after they got their items that they surprised to find they were women's sizes. They were Nikes and Donald J Pliner motorcycle boots, so it is not surprising they might have initially had a question about the gender, but the category and descriptions were clear, and the photos showed shoes that would fit only the smallest of men.
  14. I totally agree that sellers should be able to rate the buyers too!! It's not fair at all.

    Although she ended up giving me a positive, I left her a neutral with a short explanation of what happened. She responded to my feedback saying, "My first bad ebay transaction. My payment history speaks volumes for itself". Yeah right... unfortunately if the auction is for one but she somehow could think she'd get two, then there's really nothing I can do :lecture:
  15. That is madness! lol :push: