Silly AP organizational question

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  1. those of you that carry an AP as a wallet/wristlet...what do you do with your change?????
  2. I just let it sit in the bottom of the AP!! I don't often have much change with me. My kids always swipe it!! LOL!
  3. I use mine for make-up, lipsticks, and my Nintendo DS game-cards......and my Xanax pills ;)
  4. I put my CC in one of the inside velcro pockets and my change in the other. It is not that secure but I wouldn't use the AP for a serious big spending trip.
  5. I don't put change in the AP -- I use either my wallet or a change purse.
  6. I use my pewter AP as a makeup pouch in my handbag. I put flats of aspirin and tissues in the velcro section. Compact, lipstick, gloss, etc. in the center.
  7. Works great as a wallet for me. Change (not much) in the side pocket and a few bills. Lipstick and iphone in the middle. CC's / DL in the other pocket. Have given up my brand new Prada wallet. It's just way more convenient and lots of room for more stuff if needed. and hopefully soon a matching PM to hold more cards in the middle.....:smile:
  8. Thanks ladies......I always have change jingling around in my wristlet and it drives me batty because I am afraid that it will scratch up my phone if they rub together. I didn't realize that the side pockets had velcro. I guess I can add more velcro if I find myself carrying more change!!!

    OOOOO....and the PM to go inside.

    Seriously.....the waiting is KILLING me!!!
  9. I put cc and maybe a couple of cheques in one side, notes and change in the other side, carry my keys and mobile in the middle and I'm good to go!
  10. I wondered this same thing. I'm so glad you posted the question!
  11. today's economy, and with all of the $$ I am spending on bags...I am going to have to have a place to keep the change from the couch!!!:P
  12. I find it does hold the change well, the pocket is deep enough, though I have yet to carry it around for a day. I'm thinking if there's not much change it will stay, but like you I don't like my phone next to anything that might scratch it. In fact I can't put my phone in the small pockets in my TME because it hits the BE gold HW.

    What's really nice is the iphone fits really snug in one of the velcro pockets.
  13. Warning on keeping loose change in the AP - it will discolour the pink lining. I did this with my cream AP and it's kind of dirty looking on the inside now. So now I keep my change in a small change purse and then my receipts, cash and ccs in the AP - works perfectly.

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  14. Thanks for the warning and the pics!

    I just said to DH I've never had coins dirtying my purse yet, and quick as a flash he said "That's because they're never in there long enough because you keep spending it!" Bloomin' cheek!!! :angel:
  15. good to know!