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  1. When you buy an agenda, does it come full (with refill), or empty (must purchase separately.) I read on elux that refills are sold separately, but not sure if this means the first one I must buy, or purchase refill after the first one is used.:shrugs: All agendas I've bought in the past, come with all of the neccessary pages, and you just refill at the end of the year.

  2. seperate!

    i didnt buy the lv ones--too expensive for me.

    i went to a stationary store n bought the regular FILOFAX ones! they fit just the same!

  3. you buy them separately. but if you get your agenda towards the end of the year, they may give them to you for free which is good enough... at least you have a couple of months to use it. just my 2 cents.
  4. They are sold separately, which is quite silly in my opnion!

    There is 2 versions sold here in Australia, the Japanese and the French... I much prefer the Japanese version!
  5. Thanks for posting the links ichelle! Very helpful! I wish I wouldn't have seen the hello kitty refills tho. The prior links to the sellers eBay listings doesn't work. And of course, now I want them! lol! I wonder if anyone who bought them, remembers the seller's screen name?
Thread Status:
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