Silly agenda/pen question!

  1. The agenda I recently got from e-bay (small zip) has a place for a pen -- to those of you who also have the small one, do they have one that fits specifically?? I haven't looked around other than a local store but I need a short and skinny pen lol!! Any suggestions??:shrugs:
  2. Shoes.....that agenda needs a "special" pen you can buy from Hermes that fits perfectly and is designed to keep the agenda shut and not fall out of the loops on the side. I don't think any other pen is thin enough to fit in those least that's what it appeared to me when I looked at them last week. The pens are very nice....a few hundred dollars I think. Can remember the price exactly though. I can check tomorrow.....
  3. I think only the hermes pens fit... I have tried all sorts even the smallest of the tiffany pens...nada
  4. LOL!! Boy oh boy!!! Let's hope dh doesn't catch wind of the price of the pen lol!! Probably more than the agenda!! Geez.....
  5. Shoes, a few years ago I bought one of those ultra-skinny pens for a GM Zip. I believe it was around $115!
  6. Oh thank you 24! That sounds a little better - I'm assuming it was from Hermes? I'll be going early Oct. I believe so will look then -- did I see correctly from your other pic that you have 2 zip agendas?
  7. Shoes.....I forgot to look today for you when I was there....too overwhelmed by the bling going on with the black Croc Birkin. Someone was actually LOOKING at it! With white gloves on!!!!! Touching it!!!!!.........i was one in the crowd standing discreetly behind her......forgot completely about pens.
  8. When I heard the price of the pen, I almost thought about not buying it.

    But it's so integral to the look and function of the agenda, you gotta get it.