Silkypop owners...indulge me....

  1. I think I NEED I? Being environmental and all....;)
  2. I hate you for this thread because I am trying to repress my desires for one. bad bad GF bad Gf.
  3. They are very cute, but I read that it is hard to get it back together again after you have opened it up. Are you thinking of toting home a liter of milk and carton of eggs in it LOL!
  4. ^ GK, I know what you mean, but I am gifted in the "origami" department, and my SA showed me the technique to fold it perfectly, everytime - LOL!

    Is it a waste of $1000, though?
  5. It's the perfect Stocking Stuffer - LMAO! The H site doesn't have the one I want, fortunately, so no impulse buys, just yet......
  6. Exactly! This style is so Soviet Union to me *with nostalgia*:yes:. Every time I look at silkypop it reminds me of times where women in SU have to carry similar expandable bags in case they actually come accross some/any food in a food store to grab-and-go :sweatdrop:. Unfortunately, with deficit of even milk and eggs Hermes was the last thing on their minds then. But not now :lol:.
    GF, silkypop is very handy bag no doubt! You'll find the use.
  7. Aminamina, I figured it out! The silky pop is for the visit to the H boutique. You put your little boxes filled with bracelets, cadenas, keychains, twillys etc in the silky pop. This way Hermes is "green" and they haven't wasted a shopping bag on you! Ha Ha!
  8. gk ~ That Is Definitely It:yes: .........Oh GF I'm Dying For A Silky Pop:nuts:
  9. GF..dont' do it. that silky pop is a waste of your green.
    darn cute though.
  10. the silkypop looks great but isn't it silk; and if so- what could you use it for and not ruin it?
  11. Right! ^^Times have changed and now we're after different kind of deficit. These days you never know what you're going to come accross to stock on on your next trip to Hermes. That's when silkypop will come handy. Those little orange boxes would sit pretty in the silkypop.
  12. I'd fill it with groceries, no problem!

  13. OK! Your advice is always good enough for me!

    By the way...we're Kelly twins, now!:yahoo:all thanks to that pic of you with the Hello Kitty head!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
  14. GF...I am not quite feeling it...
  15. ^ yep....I think it was fleeting for me, 10 minutes fleeting.....LOL!