Silky Foundation???

  1. I have been using Giorgio Armani's LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION and its by far the BEST foundation I have ever used.

    At about $60 a bottle, which lasts me 2-3 months...its gets pretty pricey. :sad:

    Does any 1 know of any other "SILKY" formulas besides Armani's I can probably try thats a little cheaper?

    Drug store might be ok too if theres one close to this!!!

    Anything else a tad cheaper will work.

    IF I cant find one then I guess I'll just stick with this one altho its expensive!

    Or I can use a cheaper-similar one daily,and use the Armani on special occasions.

    Please help anyone! Or let me know what type of foundation you use and how u like it.

    I have oily/combin skin and I like GOOD coverage.
  2. I too have found this foundation to be the best I have ever tried. I don't know of any other that is this natural looking, so I guess we have to splurge!

  3. lol. its indeed the best one !!!

    splurging= :sad:
  4. when i just read the title thread i thought u wanted a recommendation.. teehe and IMMIDEATLY i was about to type aramini then i saw what u wrote..

    sorry but i think thats the best one ut there. teehee. i LOVE ITTT
  5. ^^Same here!! I love LOVE Armani's foundation!!!
  6. I've never used it, I always use Chanel foundation, but I might try it now you've all said how great it is!
  7. I love my chanel foundation.
  8. I think giorgio armanis is one of the best.
  9. crap i guess splurging it is. lol
  10. I want to try it too now! I looked it up online to find the fairest color (which seems to be nr.2) and I cannot find it on eBay. Anyone knows any other places to get it shipped to Europe? :flowers: