Silky City?

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  1. So I stopped in at my boutique yesterday to say hi and catch up with my SA, and just poke around a bit. In the course of conversation, she mentioned that a Silky City might be a good bag for me since I appreciate H silks. TBH, I never really considered a silk bag before -- they are beautiful, but I wondered about the durability. Oh, but the silk isn't like a scarf, she said, it's been treated. They didn't have a Silky City in stock, but they did have a Soie Cool (the bucket bag), so I got to play with it a bit and it does feel more substantial than regular silk. I have to say, I'm not totally sold but I am intrigued. I don't tend to wear scarves in the summer, so this would be a great way to have a scarf print without actually wearing one in the heat and humidity, and I suspect that the Silky City would be extremely lightweight.

    Does anyone have a Silky City? I did a search and there is very little info, and most of the posts are a few years old. If you have one, how has it held up? Can it take a little rain? Does it completely lose it's shape over time? Is is worth it for a non-leather bag? I'd love to hear from those who have/had one. TIA!
  2. Very surprisingly, I have the same question. I have a "no non-leather bags" policy but I find it wavering with these bags and the great toile combinations.
  3. I am absolutely on the same boat too. Ive always fancied Silk City and I know one day I will be a proud owner of it. It looks very diversify, all seasons throughout. Just like the OP said, I couldn't find much information on it.
  4. I was considering a Silky City myself when they brought out a Pegasus version.

    It's certainly not an everyday bag (unlike a toile an leather which are usually light and hardy). In a way I think it's a holiday bag or a casual evening out bag. The bag is treated but it's essentially flat so anything you put in your bag that is not will protrude, that was what put me off.

    The other thing to consider is (for silky ladies) it's actually hard to wear scarves with unless you're going a Mara Hari/ Salome/ Janice Joplin look or as tall a catwalk model :-s
  5. Just recently tried a Silk City and would have loved to purchase her right away (being back on Ban Island, I did not but am still dreaming of it...). It is, of course, very light! Even lighter than the Soie Cool that I have. The Soie Cool can easily go in some drops of rain but I would not dare to take her out when it is pouring (but which bag would want that?).

    The PM Silk City that I tried can easily hold the PM Fourbi. It is then not at all out of shape but just nicely filled... :smile: I also tried the GM Silk City last year but that was a bit too shapeless IMO.

    Not sure how durable a Silk City would be but as I would not be wearing it every day I am not too worried about that. What I experienced so far: H IS durable - even the most delicate scarfs or bags. :tup:

    I feel that moussies go very well with the patterned designs of the silk bags because some of the mousses do not have such a prominent design. Or - and this is what I have in mind: It can be paired with exactly the same design. I have my eyes set on a Tigre Royal Silk City (who would have guessed...? ;)) and would be able to easily combine it.

    Okay... I just convinced myself: Rescue Boat, please....!!! :biggrin:
  6. Hi, QF! I also have a "no non-leather bags" policy, or so I thought. My thinking was, why would I spend so much money on a non-leather bag? But H is full of surprises.

    Thanks for all the info! If/when you get one, pretty please post pics!
  7. Had one when they first came out and sold it. It looks gorgeous empty in those ad shots ... but when you have things in it it gets lumpy and basically a pit everything falls to the bottom of - even if you use a bag organizer.

    If all you carry is a few magazines, a wallet and sunglasses .... maybe ok. The minute you put something like keys in ... it looks pretty misshapen and doesn't hang well against the body.

    Just my .02.
  8. Thanks for this. I love bags that lie pretty flat against the body -- Love my Evie, and am thinking about a Trim. Thing is, when I talked to my SA about the Trim, it turns out they are offering it for fall -- but only in the 35, and only without the gusset. That rules me out as I'd want a 31 with the gusset! And for the very reason of not wanting my keys, etc., to be bulging out of the bag. Guess this tells me something! The Silky City sure is pretty, though...
  9. I have a pm Tigre and I love it. I use mine in the summer and the little pochette is handy - can be used separately too. I find it quite hardy, have been caught in the rain with it too. I also have the Pointu Royal, so just call me Salome!! LOL
  10. Image of bag is not mine, but this is the one I have.

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  11. Great! :graucho:

    I shall expect at least 6 more scarves when I next see you :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for posting! It seems that the PM size is definitely the way to go.

    I love the Tigre Royal pattern too -- still kicking myself for missing out on the Pointu!
  13. Dear catsinthebag! Actually called the boutique where I saw the Silk City but they sold it last week.. :cry: So, sorry, no pics from my side to be expected shortly...

    I really love my Soie Cool! It is light and relaxed and fun and totally understated! :heart: When you open it looking for something inside, the light is falling through the fabric and it is lighted from within. :sunshine: - You might want to check the Perfect Match and Bag Insert threads. I posted pics of the Soie Cool and matching Fourbi there recently.
  14. Both are beautiful!!!! :yahoo: You very, very lucky girl!!! Hope to be twins with you one day...
  15. They are beautiful to look at, but they wouldn't last 5 minutes with me. I don't think silk would hold up too well in a purse.