Silkiss lambskin - new(ish) leather?


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May 21, 2017
I was browsing and saw a card holder in this leather but couldn't find anything else about it. Normally you'd get a "product details" section on the website where you can find some more details about the leather but that is missing for this particular piece.


I did a search here on tPF and found 0 result. The only other mention of it I found via Googling is another SLG card holder that was listed on Fashionphile, with the stamp year being 2019

Therefore I'm guessing that this is a new lambskin leather that perhaps has only been used for SLGs so far. I know the chance is very slim but does anyone happen to have it? I think this might be the only other lambskin besides Milo that is currently in production? Curious about how different it might be.