Silk Twill Pleated Scarf on My Birkin

  1. I'm having fun with my silk twill pleated scarf. It's such a fun scarf. Hermes is ingenious in coming up with a structured scarf.
    phpb80aJnAM.jpg phpxoyxKnAM.jpg phpRWplLxAM.jpg
  2. ohh what a pretty scarf!! and you tie very perfect bows!
  3. That blue looks absolutely divine!!!!! :heart:
    Great choice, you will wear it fantastically.
  4. The colours are gorgeous with your birkin. Do you mind if I ask about the specs?
  5. Which scarf is that please?
  6. I love the combo !!!
    Thanks for posting pics !!
  7. The Hermes birkin is an etoupe 30. The Hermes silk twill pleated scarf is the blue one with colored pencils and pencil shavings design. I don't know the name for it. I got it in Singapore (about 2 or 3 years ago), it came in a couple different colors.
  8. Lovely!! I think I am too precious with my plisses, I need to get them out more. Thank you for the inspiration...

    Gorgeous blue, by the way!!
  9. Oh that is simply stunning! Ah I need a plisse!!
  10. Lovely combination!
  11. GL, that looks fantastic! :smile:
  12. Beautiful combination!!

    I am guessing the scarf could be "Les crayons" for your description
  13. wow.. that scarf looks gorgeous on your birkin!!