Silk twill into Plisse?

  1. Has anyone actually sent in their scarf to be plissed? I have one that I love but would like it to be pleated and I THOUGHT I read somewhere that it can be done by Hermes.


    It's my Peony scarf....I'd use it a lot more if it was a Plisse :shame:
  2. Shopmom, Les Pivoines comes as a plisse.
  3. :sad: But I already have the one that's flat Twill.....:sad: Am I out of luck for pleating it???
  4. No, but if memory serves me correctly, your scarf will have to be sent to Paris to be pleated, and you know how long that takes. By the time you get it back, you'll have forgotten you even owned it. I thought I'd save you the aggravation and tell you it comes pleated. I own the black/fuschia colorway and know the plisse comes in that colorway as well.
  5. ooooooo....that's good to know, hermesgroupie. I'd hate anything to go to Paris - you're right, I'd forget all about it!!!!! :blink:
  6. How great to know that you can get plisse done, though.

    I have one plisse scarf, and like shopmom,wear it much more than my flat H scarves...I would never have thought it was something you could have done! - that's great!:yes:
  7. If it's something you really want done, go for it. But I'd rather purchase it already pleated, if available, to avoid the wait. The service is also available if you want to repleat your plisse.
  8. I think that it is a rumor. I have asked in 2 boutiques and they said no. Perhaps what they will do is take a plisse that has lost some pleating from dry cleaning or poor storage and rework it. Not every design works for plisse and some go both ways flat and plisse.
  9. I think this is where you read it shopmom:
    Wow, they said 1-2 months. I was told 6 months. Hmm, probably told me that so I would say "Only 2 months, that was quick!"
  10. My plisse scarf has a flat spot in it.......even though I'm always careful with it.....I may have to have it "re-furbed" one day!
  11. Hermesgroupie......that's IT! That's where I read it!!!! Jeez....that woman's closet....ok let's not go there again.....:blink: :blink:
  12. Bloody Hell.........:amazed:

    I just showed my DH.......he thought MY wardrobe was bad - now not so much!!!!!!!

    I can't believe that.........:amazed: :shocked: :amazed: :shocked:
  13. Oh YEA, Kristie! You missed that thread 'cause you were a little busy with a baby! Check it out though....I think it's called, "Bag Royalty..."
  14. checking it out right now.........
  15. So ladies, if a plisse scarf is washed...and washed... it will still be pleated? wow what do they do to make that fold last?