Silk Twill Carre~~~

  1. :smile: saw some silk twll carre in the "Le Monde D'hermes Printemps ete 2007"..... in the men section

    Plaza de toros silk twill carre
    "Rayure H" H70 silk twill carre

    are these actually a men's scarves?
    or it's unisex?
    how is it?

    WOuld you galz plz post some pic of ur scarf if you happen to own one?

    Thx ladyz
  2. I LOVE this size and found out about it while in NY. They are mens scarves and I bought myself one in cashmere/silk blend that I adore. It's perfect to just toss on under a coat/jacket in place of the larger shawls which tend to overwhelm me.

    When I get home, I'll post a pic. It's a GREAT size but sadly not found everywhere........