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  1. This might be a little too specific - I've been looking for clean, plain silk tanks/ camisoles without lace or embellishments etc i.e. tops that have the Calvin Klein clean lines aesthetic if that makes sense. I haven't had much luck except for a top from Topshop which is perfect except for being slightly cropped:


    I've looked on shopstyle but I can't seem to find anything close. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Are you looking to wear them alone as tops or as an under layer? Wintersilks has plain silk camis but many styles are sheer and lightweight. I have quite a few and layer them under tops for added warmth or coverage.

    Sorry OP, I just checked their site and they don't have the plain styles anymore. I got a whole bunch last year but maybe they got discontinued. :sad:
  3. The links takes me to the main page?

    They don't have to be silk but I prefer it as I want to wear the tops under cardigans or on their own, not to layer. Just long as there's clean lines also the price-point needs to be reasonable i.e. up to £100. I'm not really looking for high-end brands.

    Also, I should probably add I'm in the UK and I'd rather stick within the EU for any online shipping!
  4. thanks for the links, I'll try eBay again but whenever I try there or Shopstyle I get frustrated by all the lace/net/patterns of the tops

    The Jcrew and last one look good, I'll investigate further
  5. strange, but anyhow now they work.

    perhaps you can check out The Outnet for more!
  6. thanks, the second is too long and tunic-esque which I'm not into but the A.Wang is more like it I go being difficult again, I have a slight scar on my chest and don't favour long Vee's for this reason - I'm sure I'll find something eventually!
  7. This is going to sound nutty, but have you tried checking Forever 21? I've been in there recently, and they have some nice silk camisoles and tanks for around $25 - $30. Mostly I've seen them in the Love21 section.
  8. Hadn't thought of f21 - I just looked through the tanks/cami section but couldn't find anything but maybe there's stuff instore
  9. Had one. It feel apart quickly. Cheap seems. Also bleed alot when hand washed.
  10. I love the Lafayette 148 New York Charmeuse Tank on nordstrom, I tried on a ton of different options and this was the only one that I thought was flowy but still flattering
  11. Didn't realise you were in the UK, Fenwicks, John Lewis and Debenhams are all great places to try. Pretty sure they all have personal shoppers who, if you phone ahead of your visit, can usually pick some things out for you. I've seen lots of silk camisoles in the lingere departments there.
  12. Do you have Massimo Dutti in UK? Otherwise Warehouse or Oasis sometime have great silk tops.