Silk Scarfs?

  1. Hi All,

    I'm in my 20s and I love delicate classic things...but at the same time I want to still be trendy. Any suggestions on silk scarfs?

    Also, I was wondering if silk scarfs are becoming popular for fall?
  2. I love silk scarfs and I'm 22. My favorites are coach, armani, burberry, and pucci. I also love vintage silk scarfs from thrift stores. I don't know if they will be "in" for the fall, but I do love to wear them. Check out your local thrift stores and then take your scarves to the dry cleaners or hand wash them. It would be well worth the money. I'm sure others will have great suggestions as well.
  3. I am also in love with scarfs right now, if it is on my bag, neck or in my hair. I just got a few more yesterday to add to my collection. I am 21 and I will carry on wearing them into the fall if they are in or not. :smile:
  4. Pucci & Misioni makes great scarves. Hermes scarfs are beautiful as well but they are abit more conservative.
  5. I'm 24 and wear scarves often. Print-wise, I perfer geometric and abstract shapes to florals. I wear them around my neck, and generally prefer oblong to square scarves (less bulk looks younger to me). I have a few square scarfs that I like wearing as a blouse, there's a lot of great inspiration in the Hermes forum: Hermes Scarf Lovers' Karma Sutra and Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?.
  6. I have two scarves I bought from Brooks Brothers last year because they are so beautiful. I haven't worn them yet! I want to, I just haven't found that perfect situation but they are a gorgeous silk and I would say Brooks Brothers will probably have beautiful ones again this fall:smile:
  7. :tup:Brooks Brothers
    Coach also has some trendy ones.
    Hermes sales them- but I couldnt bring myself to pay that much for a square piece of fabric.
  8. I love Pucci scarves and Lulu Guinness scarves, and I also have quite a few vintage scarves (my fave is a vintage Versace). I usually just put them on my bags though, I havent found a perfect way to wear them on myself yet. I'd say vintage scarves is the way to go though, you can get them surprisingly cheap, and a lot of them are in excellent condition too. And, most people wont have the same scarf, so if you are into vintageshopping at all, you should give it a try!
  9. Hermes scarves are so fabulous! I'm 21 and I find that I can wear their newer and more abstract prints without looking too "old". I also really love LV and Pucci scarves.
  10. Hermes scarves. They're always a classic, and they're young and chic looking too.
  11. Well, from what I know, silk scarves have never been "out". But I agree with the above, Hermes and Pucci are fantastic. I also like a lot Gucci's scarves.
  12. i also love Pucci scarves, you can wear all black and add a Pucci scarf to completely liven up an outfit!
  13. I have three Hermes scarves that I adore, but for daily wear you can't beat eBay for nice scarves at a great prices. I just got four very nice silk scarves for a whopping $25 last week. They're beautiful. I don't have to fuss with them or worry about snagging them like when I wear the Hermes scarves.
  14. I bought a Coach oblong scarf recently and honestly I have not bought any silk or lightweight wool scarves in over 10 years. When I first started working fulltime in (!!) 1989 I had to dress up and scarves just kinda became my trademark. When I switched industries a few years later and suddenly could wear jeans to work I retired all of mine.

    BUT you guys have inspired me to go get these out of hibernation. I may post pics in another thread so you can let me know if these are out of date or not (or maybe on their way to 'vintage,' LOL).

    To the OP, absolutely a silk scarf is timeless!