Silk pillow cases and wrinkles? Where to buy?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Wasn't sure where to write this under (general, health or beauty, anyway, feel free to move it admins)

    I was wondering if there was any specific brand of silk pillow cases you girls could recommend, and where to purchase them.

    I hear it's good for wrinkle prevention, so are they just 100% silk pillow cases that can be found anywhere, or should I look for something specific.
    Anyone know if large department type stores carry them, like sears?

    Should I order online, and if so any sites recommended would be welcome !

  2. I'm not sure, but it sounds interesting. I haven't heard about silk pillowcases helping to prevent wrinkles, it's definitely has my interest peaked.
  3. silk or satan will do... brand doesn't matter
  4. I sleep with a silk eye mask on. Does this count?:p
  5. Yeah, I heard this, they're supposed to help prevent your hair splitting too...i still have to find some though lol
  6. I bought silk at a fabric store and had a seamstress make me sheets and pillowcases in 4 idifferent colors..I saved SOOO much money and I got the large shams!
  7. Oh my gosh! What a great idea! I'm going to the fabric store today, and make myself some pillow cases and shams. Why didn't I think of that before? I'm so glad you posted!:tup: Now I can make some to match my different duvet covers!
  8. I'm not really sure I *believe* that it'll prevent wrinkles, but I did get some silk pillow cases/duvet covers when I first heard about this a few years ago. I didn't end up using them too much, though, I guess after a while I just forgot I had them. I'll look for them again now, though :flowers: Here, you can get them at any well-assorted store that sells sheet sets. I think I paid a little over $100 for mine at a sale (the store was closing down) for a pillow case and a single duvet cover.
  9. If you're in England, custom tailoring is the way to go in my opinion, not just because of the price, but also because of the versatility, Harrods is your option if you just want them ready made.
  10. I always thought it was satin, not silk, that prevented wrinkles! Good thing I never bought any satin pillowcases, lol.
  11. Satin, silk whichever will help. The other poster was correct, too in stating that it helps with splitting hair. The reason this is so is because it cuts down on the friction that occurs with certain other fabrics like cotton.
    I always recommend a satin pillowcase to clients who are trying to grow their hair out, ones who are chemically dependent or prone to splitting.
  12. Ohh that's all so interesting about the hair too. Thank you everyone!
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    Much of what we know about silk and its beauty and restorative benefits is based upon personal experience(and ancient Chinese lore). I have used Charmeuse Silk pillowcases for almost 15 years now and I swear by them ... but, it must be CHARMEUSE silk, a 19+ momme count. The smooth, shiny surface allows your skin and hair to glide - less pulling. Plus, silk is all natural(satin is all synthetic!!), allowing it to breathe and adjust to your body temperature; it is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Can that be BAD for you? I have not had a split end in 14+ years; my hair looks great when I wake up. At night, I feel that the silky smooth surface allows my beauty creams to stay on my skin and work their magic! Best of all, sleeping on silk feels great - It is very soothing and comforting.

    I have tried many silk pillowcases, I think the ones at
    are by far the best. The are lovely, unique silk charmeuse prints, very high quality, machine washable and last forever. I say TREAT YOURSELF - also makes great "girlfriend gifts ...
    www. (Check it out ...)
  14. My mom uses a satin pillowcase that she bought at Bed Bath and Beyond I think for like $20. She says it helps with her wrinkles........I'm gonna stick with cotton for now.
  15. My mom and grandmom used to sleep on satin; then I bought them silk - WOW! Satin is verrry synthetic and unnatural. Treat your mom for Christmas and get her a real silk charmeuse pillowcase - she deserves it.

    As for cotton, I sleep on very high count Italian cotton sheets; they feel awesome. But, for my face and hair I use the charmeuse silk pilowcover - I'm hooked!