Silk or Cotton?


What would you do?

  1. Good design, shouldn't care about material!

  2. Only get it if it's silk!

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  1. I'm picking up the cotton hybiscus bandana today, but honestly, I'm not so fond of it. The only reason is because it's in cotton and not silk. It's not even produced in silk. This made me think about the pros and cons for both material and what I really find more useful.

    silk pros

    more vivid colours
    more comfortable to wear

    cotton pros

    more durable
    (a LOT) easier to clean

    What do you prefer, and would you get a cotton scarf just because of the design even though you didn't like the material?
  2. I like it in silk, but silk scarf normally comes with bigger size. I had exchanged the silk denim cruise scarf to a bandana because I wanted to attach it on my bags and scarf was too big to do that. If I had enough money at that time, I would probably get both in same color & pattern. :yes:
    The color on silk scarf is much brighter & shinier.
  3. no, I`m anti-cotton lol so I would not buy it. It seems like you`re not completely in love with this scarf, so if you`re having doubts now, then don`t buy it.... but ultimately it`s your own choice....... so ya.... good luck :yes:
  4. silk is Very easy to sang and ruin you don't have to worry about the cotton. but if your not that thrilled with it don't get it as you may not use it and that would be a waste.
  5. I wouldnt worry about the material. The mens damier azur bandana, i almost bought it but its practically see through! no lie, I was like $145 for this? I then thought to myself i have kleenex @ home thats thicker than this... no thank you lol. But I think the Hibiscus will be better because it is darker than the damier azur bandanas. I am interested in the denim one in blue and the LV cup one!!! I might take the plunge!

    enjoy it! let me know so i can see it!
  6. Well the good thing about cotton is that its easier to clean. Also, if you wrap it around your head you'll probably be less likely to break out since your skin can breathe! But you sound like you're not to fond of it and like you are being almost forced to buy it lol. Just save the money and buy a silk one! It might cost more but I think you'll be much happier!
  7. I'll try to get pictures up but just so you know:

    To my surprised the Hybiscus cotton scarf is NOT in see thorugh fragile cotton like the cruise and the scarf you mentioned. In fact it's quite thick and nice. I wonder if it's been changed?

    I did get it, and I think I will keep it, mostly because the design is :heart: :heart: , I don't have anything in that colour and because it's thick. If it was see throughish I think I would've taken it back.
  8. never mind practically it IS see through I wish it was in Damier Azur colours too
  9. Congrats, LoVe hibiscus pattern!!!:yahoo: Post pics!!! How are you going to wear it?
  10. I don't mind either..I PREFER the silk but the cotton is nice too. My Groom bandeaus are cotton and it doesn't bother me.
  11. SILK!:p