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  1. not sure if this belongs here or in the scarf thread in the reference sub-forum since it's more conversational then research-oriented.

    i was wondering how members pick scarves. based on the color? the theme?
    a certain smarty made an excellent point to me about how relevant the border pattern is for the look of the scarf when actually worn, knotted and such - as a scarf with an appealing central design can actually look quite dull when folded and worn around the neck, for example. the colors, of course, are always beautiful regardless...
  2. I pick first on color, then on the appearance of the scarf when folded.
  3. I pick by color first. I love pinks and reds so I have a few scarves in these colors. Then I pick based on design. I usually don't think about how it will look knotted, I guess I should though.
  4. I usually go by pattern, unfolded. I just fall in love with the particular image, then pick my favorite colorway, then see how it would look folded. :shame:
    I have a lot of orange and blue. In trying to pick which "say it with flowers" to get I was leaning towards orange but I'm going to try red because I don't have any red yet! :P
  5. I pick by design first, then color. I also don't worry about the way it looks folded.
  6. I also pick by design and then color. I SHOULD worry about the look when folded but I never thought of that until now!

    I have one scarf coming that I will frame, Pavements because I just love the design which also has meaning for me but all the others I wear. And now I'm just thinking that I really do need to look at those borders too!!!
  7. I pick the color and pattern I like. then I see how It looks folded for wearing.:flowers:
  8. I also pick the colors I like, think about what I have in my closet that will go well with the colorway, then see how it looks folded. I've learned that stepping out of my comfort zone, in terms of colors, has actually been quite rewarding.
  9. I usually choose scarves that have black because my wardrobe is 90% black. I like to combine black with grey, brown and sometimes red.
    Currently, I'm looking for a black and gold scarf....just those two colors...any suggestions? I love classics!
  10. Sometimes I am looking for particular colors. From there I go to design. Lately I have only been buying plisses and with them sometimes the design gets completely lost so you have to make sure you really like the colors. The only time I made a purchase strictly based on how it would look on is with the Flamenco scarf. When a scarf ring is used, and the scarf is pulled thru to make a poofy bow, it looks amazing. Truthfully, it is not a pattern that would have appealed to me on a regular basis. The borders come out when it is worn like that and it looks like no other scarf I have.
  11. you've got me salivating. i beg you, take a pic of it on in this bow style you are mentioning.
    how often do plisses need to be re-pleated?
  12. Actually, I came up with an idea. I'm going to wrap/tie the scarf around a female head that I sculpted and that way I can take the pic. I can't do it right now because the hubs is napping in the bedroom and I don't want to disturb him by opening the armoire etc. I have never had a plisse cleaned or repleated. Honestly, I practice avoidance therapy. Do not wear Hermes while eating BBQ, hotdogs with mustard etc:P I'm careful, period. HH, do not worry about cleaning or repleating. It may never happen. If you were carrying an infant, or going to an amusement park ,would you wear the scarf? Of course not:hysteric:
  13. I don't know....I just wore Bolduc while four-wheeling (don't ask...) and felt very, oh....Isadora Duncan. Until I remembered how she died and then I took that baby RIGHT off!
  14. lol shopmom - what a way to go. yikes.
    gracekelly that is a wonderful solution - and most definitely do not disturb dh (we're big fans of the nap over here as well). truly, i manage to take care of my things without obsessing about them, so i would be okay, or rather, the scarves would.
  15. I look at my wardrobe, determine which are the dominant colors, then I pick the scarf based on the color and the way it looks when folded ... Unfortunately, none of the scarves have yet to work on me.:hysteric: