Silk Novice Question - Can I wear them under the sun?

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  1. i wear mine sun, rain, wind and snow and they all seem to have survived!..... there are a couple that i 'baby' more than others which i may leave at home if it's pouring outside.
  2. is "mediterranee" a name for a particular design or a particular kind of silk? sorry to be so clueless!

    skes, :wlae::boxing::choochoo::biguns::sunshine:

    more silks for me.... :broom:
  3. the only thing i can't bear so far is to have my silk against my skin when i start to perspire, even in the cold wind, as i walk a lot. i always make sure i took it off, hung it around the handle of my bag, and worn it again once i cool down :yes:
  4. They're more durable than most people think. Don't hang them in the sun for days or weeks at a time and they'll be fine.

    I haven't had the colors run on an H scarf produced in the last 20 years. IMO only the ancient vintage scarves have color bleed problems, and even with those it's only certain colors (magenta, black and green in my experience)
  5. glad to hear that doreenjoy! :biggrin: thanks so much for your input :yes: i am more and more assured about the silks :smile: initially i was a little nervous about its compatibility with my life style but i think it is just divine to be able to be practical and feeling all pretty at the same time :biggrin:
  6. thank you for the clarification oonagh113! :tup:

    from doreenjoy's experience it does not look like we have to worry about scarfs made in the last 20 years or so. but say we are looking into vintage, is there a way to tell from looking at the scarfs if they are waterproof or not...? or do we simply assume they might bleed if made prior to the 1990s?

    i am not looking at any vintage silks at the moment, and probably won't unless something is truly special, but i am curious... :biggrin:

    thanks again all for your comments :flowers:
  7. I think Hermes scarves are very practical. I stop using mine when it gets quite warm here because Hermes silk really keeps me warm, then restart using them again at the beginning of Autumn (read: now:biggrin:). I once was wearing a scarf in the Hermes boutique and it was very hot inside (while outside it was freezing), my neck was hot but my scarf wasn't wet, nor was my skin, so I wouldn't worry! wear them whenever you like!
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    maryg1, it is coming into spring down here and i have just started wearing my silk too! :biggrin: it is just the perfect solution isn't it? i truly hesitated getting silk, but my cashmere GM was just getting too warm as winter ends. i suspect like you i will have to rest her during the summer (although with our four seasons in one day here you never know!) and reach for it again in the autum next year. i only have one silk scarf so far though :biggrin: i really never thought i would be a silk kinda gal :biggrin: i am more and more confident in wearing one now :yes:
  9. You'll soon realise that wearing an H scarf around your neck in the 30°C is too warm...although stylish!
  10. :biggrin:

    it is too warm to wear any scarf around the neck at 20 degrees celcius....! :P
  11. Silk screened silk is not waterproof. And if you look in the Hermes scarf box, it says dyes can run if they get wet.
  12. silk screened silk *taking notes*
    thanks mistikat!
  13. I think whether or not it bleeds or fades is more dependent on the type of dye used than the fabric...

    I would think you risk either in sun or rain.
  14. I think the exposure to the sun is going to be unavoidable - but the damage is insignificant, and I think these beautiful scarves deserved to be seen! I used to be so protective with my scarves, but I say enjoy them! I live in Australia when it's scorching sun most of the time (It's currently 33oC ish). Winter is very short, and I really love wearing my scarves, so unless it's gonna rain, I wear it anyway.

    I just prevent sweat touching the scarf by wearing it under my shirt collar, etc, and avoid it when it rains. Although one time I got caught in spitting rain with my Magic Kelly and it was completely OK.

    Maitai has some amazing ways to wear scarf, some show how to minimize touching the skin. You should check her blog out.