Silk Novice Question - Can I wear them under the sun?

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  1. So I finally took a plunge and bought myself a silk 70, my first :biggrin:
    As the days are getting warmer down here my GM cashmere shawls are getting too warm to wear and I am delightfully trying on my first ever silk. It is so soft against the skin of my neck, and unlike my cashmere shawls I found myself tucking this under the collars for protection against the wind that is still a little chilly :biggrin: Anywhoo, gushing aside, my question is: can I enjoy this lovely piece while getting some sun and not worry about the lovely colours bleaching....? Thanks!!
  2. I'd be more worried about it getting ruined through perspiration. That's why i don't wear silk scarves in summer. Any fabric exposed to bright sun for prolonged periods is going to fade, though.
  3. :true:

    the weather here is as such that the sun can be really strong but the wind can be terribly chilly. so it is still too hot for the bulky GM cashmere but chilly without anything around the neck, if that make sense...

    in days that are more humid and with danger of perspiration i usually wear cotton scarfs :yes:

    in what way will the silk be affected by perspiration by the way.... i noticed that we will have our body moisture effecting anything we wear next to our skin....? speaking of moist and such, i heard H silk scarfs can be exposed to rain is that true? if that is the case that would be terribly difficult to wear....

    should i just make sure that i air my silk after every use? and dry clean say once a year?
  4. Indeed. Rain water too! My SA had warned me about that. Colours will bleed.
  5. :nuts:

    so... if we are caught in the rain....?
  6. Of course you can wear your scarves under the sun... that's why they have the headscarf style isn't it? Just don't expose your scarves in a prolonged period; one day won't kill. And do air your scarves after use. If you do perspire a lot, try to tie your scarves in styles that won't come in contact with your skin, like over a shirt or something. Then again, do use your scarves in whichever way you feel comfortable in, scarves are meant to be functional.
  7. good point :tup:

    i just have to keep telling myself this. i am not a very prim girl and this is my first silk. it just feels so delicate and luxurious :P even though they are not as costly as my cashmere GM somehow i have more courage with the cashmere GMs than i am with this silk!

    thanks again for your input LS!
  8. I wouldnt worry too much about rain. My understanding is that the colours in the modern scarves generally dont bleed. I hand wash mine and none have ever run or bled. Rain may temporarily spot mark the scarf but it will come out when washed / dry cleaned.
  9. oonagh, thanks for sharing that! i was beginning to think if the silk scarfs were traditionally designed to be worn only indoors like the silk PJs :P

    i sat under the sun with my coffee and scarf today :sunnies the little things in life :smile: it was bliss for awhile :biggrin:
  10. bagpunk, welcome to the silky side - you won't regret it! And totally agree with Lyanna Stark - "scarves are meant to be functional" - wear it all you want and enjoy!
  11. I remember reading someplace that Hermes dyes were designed not to fade. Don't know where I read this, but it may have had something to do with one of the H window threads -- that the scarves are in the windows for long periods of time without sun damage. I don't want to start an unfounded rumor. I also know there were some waterproof scarves made eons ago. Mediterranean, perhaps?
  12. SQ, :drinkup:

    thanks for your input BBL! that would be interesting to confirm! :yes:
  13. i think so long as it isn't stored in direct sunlight it should be ok.
    i find the silks extremely hardy. i just handwashed two last night. they are perfect and smelling lovely now.
  14. loves, great to hear!!!! :biggrin:
  15. Yes, Balto Bag Lady, Mediterranee came in a waterproof version.
    I don't know about specially long-lasting dyes though.