silk necklaces for men and women

  1. Silk necklaces for men and women is a unique idea at the neckline challenging neckties for men and necklaces for women. .
    ---For men, the silk necklace is another choice at the neckline. a casual alternative to a necktie to add a splash of color to the wardrobe and not as bulky as an ascot.
    --- the silk necklace could be their future " necktie" for women. Made of silk in a wide variety of styles and colors to match any wardrobe. The combinations are endless.

    Check out the Pocket Triangles. Have you ever seen anything like this? The triangle is rimmed with color.
  2. Nice idea. May I ask; are you the designer?
  3. Yes. I design all kinds of Clothes and I like to push the envelope. I enjoy showing people my ideas and love to hear their responses.