Silk-épil X'elle Epilator $45.67

  1. What a great deal! I just bought one of these about a month ago (sadly I paid quite a bit more than this) but I freakin' LOVE this epilator!! I am so smooooooth!!!!
  2. Can you use this for your face too or is it just for the body?
  3. omg they still sell those hurts too much for me to use it:sad: but an awesome price
  4. I've been meaning to get an epilator but I'm a little nervous as to how much it'll hurt. I just want to use it on my legs - do you think it's worth getting?
  5. It does not hurt that much when I do my legs (only the lower part). Bikini is quite bad though. Numbing spray or couple of advil helps a lot. Anyway, the more you use the epilator the less is hair growth. Love mine, should have bought it years ago!

    I think the price is even lower today.<O:p</O:p
  6. Ladies,
    the price today is $39.05!