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  1. I bought this silk dress from FCUK today, on sale for $158 dollars. Normally I abstain from buying expensive clothing, but I fell in love with this dress. Then I came home, read the care label, and found out that it has to be dry-cleaned. My grandmother says it might be a hassle to have to dry-clean the dress every so often.

    Is it okay to hand-wash and hang it dry?

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  2. dry cleaning too much can actually ruin the fibers.
    I handwash silk very carefully all the time and I've never had a problem. You might want want to lay it on a towel to dry instead of hanging though.

    With that dress though, I might be a little worried about the color bleeding. I only have solid colored silk though, so maybe someone else can answer that question.
  3. Thanks Fiorano :smile:

    The flowers are embroidered on but I don't know if they're silk or threads.

    I'm debating on whether or not I should return it... :sad:
  4. ^ I agree. You can carefully hand wash silk. You can always do spot treatments too.
  5. Would it be better to wash the dress in cold or warm water?

    And when I wash it, should I soak the entire dress in water or should I spot clean?

    Also, will water leave stain marks?
  6. That is the problem with silk , no hot water , when you hand wash, do very gently , just like touching with very gently detergent or soup, rinse 3-4 times same almost cold water , but not extremly cold . Never spot clean !!! Will see the stain marks for sure . when finish try put an the towel and just roll , to make dry . Put an the hanger to dry . never easy !!!I dont know if the flowers will bliding, they can be different kind of fabric . Some people at the last rinse put just little vinegar to make a fabric shiny. Anyway be careful.
  7. ^^i agree with these, great tips - you can also add vinegar during the wash to prevent bleeding. check out the hermes forum they have how tos on washing silk scarves

    i also iron my silks right before it is completely dry to get it silky and smooth again. i handwash a lot of silks and cashmeres but it can be a PITA, but much cheaper and better for your clothes than dry cleaning
  8. So. . .seriously it's better to wash than to dry clean silk? I've always just had mine cleaned.

    Yes, dry cleaning is expensive, but it's not like this is something you'll wear every week. I wouldn't keep a t-shirt that had to be professionally cleaned but a special dress is a different thing. I say, if you're worried about whether or not the embroidery is color safe you'd be better off getting it cleaned. You would be so sad if the colors ran in the wash!!
  9. You could also consider how often you will wear it and how quickly you would get bored of your new purchase. If this dress lasted one year, I would say you got some good use out of it. Having it dry cleaned is not so bad and as you start getting bored of the dress, why not just hand wash it and see how it goes.
  10. It doesn't look like something you will wear everyday so i doubt you'll need to clean it that much unless you normally sweat through stuff..

    for silk garments that won't run colors (test a small area with cold water) usually rinse in cold water and some soft soap and air dry is fine.
  11. Thanks SO much for your help everyone!

    I will try what you've advised me to do and let's hope it works well!

    You guys are right; I won't be wearing it very often so it won't get very dirty.