silk cord on cartier bracelet

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  1. i have a cartier trinity bracelet from a few yrs back that i'd like to get the cord replaced. surprisingly the cord is in perfect condition even tho i wear it everyday and never take it off. just tired of the color....can anyone tell me if cartier charges for getting the cord changed and how much?
  2. I do not own one myself, but I have read on this forum that it depends on the Cartier store or and/or repair salesperson, with no hard and fast rule. Some people have never gotten charged and seem to change a lot and some have been charged. You might want to do a thread search.
  3. I'm interested to know too, I have the baby trinity rope bracelet.
  4. Hi, i have never been charged, in fact I have been given a couple of extra silk cords in different colours each time !! This was at London Heathrow and Beverly Hills. Good luck. :biggrin:
  5. I know when I purchased my Charity bracelet at the LV Forum Shops Cartier, they initially tried to charge me $18!!!!! for that piece of silk cord.......when I looked at them like they had a third eye, they re-thought that and ended up giving it to me. Are you kidding me $18 for that piece of silk????? That's craziness! If you spend the money they charge for the Trinity or Charity, an extra should be thrown in and should you need another one or color change down the road, that too should be a 'given'.......not a purchase. Just IMO.
  6. $18? That's cheap comparing to the $$$ you are actually paying for the little piece of gold
    that comes with the silk cord. I honestly thought it would cost more.
  7. it's suppose to be free, the cords
  8. Yes, I was told an extra cord or two would be given, no charge, when a purchase was made. Not so initially but IMO $18 is a lot to ask for nothing more than a piece of .50 siilk cord - I don't care if it's coming out of Cartier or not. It is what it is. Plus you just spent $700 on the bracelet, the cord should be complimentary no matter what boutique you're in or the SA you're dealing with.
  9. No charge for me.
  10. Since Valentines day I have had the red which it came with changed to turquiose for summer and now the grey for winter... Never charged....!
  11. When you get the silk cord changed, do you get to keep the old cord or do they throw it away/ cut it to get it off?
    I would really love one of these bracelets but dont live anywhere near a C store - do they change the cord if you send it to them - or is it something that I could change myself if necessary?
  12. ^^Never tried to do it myself but they do give you instructions on how to change a cord.
  13. I have the single white gold/diamond ring from 2008. I have changed my cord MANY times, white, hot pink, gray, black, etc and it was free EVERY time, I am in Southern California.

    The Sales persons were always very kind, always encouraging me to come back and change up the colors for free any time I got bored.
  14. I have a baby Love on cord that I eventually purchased pre-loved and I would like to have a new cord. I’m wondering if Cartier could charge me for a new cord (or new cords ) considering I didn’t buy the bracelet in store?

    Also, which Parisian store would give cords for free?
  15. Don't know about Paris, but I also bought my charity bracelet preowned and have never had to pay for cords (in London & Vancouver) - I didn't always have the bracelet with me but I was still given replacement cords.
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