Silk/charmeuse/COMFY material SKINNY pants - online?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    So I travel a bit, and I'm sick of wearing jeans on the plane that I can't really stretch around and be comfy in...

    anyone know an online stockist that would have pants with the following features:

    1. a comfy material, like a silk blend with a bit of stretch (absolutely no wool, i've got very sensitive skin :sad:)... not sure what materials I should be looking for?

    2. have pockets

    3. an elastic or drawstring waist

    4. skinny leg

    This ALWAYS happens to me, if i have something very specific in mind, i can NEVER find it :pout:!

    is that really too much to ask for? :shame:

    TIA ladies ;)
  2. i am very curious if this trend will depends on who wear this style of pants...not very flattering when i was watching the display while window shopping.
  3. ahertz - hmm... i think i saw the same style on shopbop... they quite exxy aren't they for what it is? i wish i could find some cashmere pants with pockets and slimmer leg! that would be perfect!
  4. lol, sorry, i guess i'm so unclear, cashmere is the closest to wool i can get haha! sound like a snob don't I?! lol! thanks ahertz! Barneys don't ship overseas do they? yea i saw the Juicy cashmeres but they dont have pockets? i'm obsessed with pockets lol!
  5. thanks ahertz - I did look at those at shopbop, but not sure if being so petite (5'2-3" on a good day!) it would overwhelm me... argh... if only we had good shops here darn it!