1. is there anyway to get rid of silicone injections???
  2. from where? i know that silicone is not suppossed to be just injected, it needs to be in something, like a wrapper, i.e. an implant, so can you explain more?
  3. silicone lip injections
  4. silicone injections for lips are pretty much permanent. they're usually a composite of silicone oil and the oil works with your chemistry. they have a tendancy to migrate, causing little bumps. restalyne and other new fillers aren't permanent, so you can add more and until you find out how much your lips need. hope that helps!
  5. I think you just have to deal with it! If it were Restalyne they could inject a substance to dizzolve it but with other fillers, you're stuck waiting for them to wear off. Who in the world put Silicone in your lips? I didn't think anyone did that anymore. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Those types of intense fillers will tend to mellow out but it generally takes about 6-8 months.
  6. I have to ask is it horribly painful to have lip injections?
  7. it doesn't hurt...but I take pain very well.

    it was a bad choice I made when I was 19...all my friends were doing looked good at the time...and now I regret it!!!
  8. I would recommend a consult with a Plastic Surgeon. Nowadays there are so many options to "fix things up". It certainly can't hurt !
  9. mmmm I know when I get my upper lip waxed it is so painful I cannot imagine having a needle stuck in there!
    Why do you regret it?
  10. Yes if I was going to do it I would consult with correct people not have it done in a beauty salon where they advertise it now!
  11. Where did you get this done? I thought injections were outlawed in the 70's?
    Was this done in Miami?
  12. I did it in Hawaii...I just regret it because it's silicone and will never go away...I was wondering if there was some sort of surgery, disolver, ect???