Silicone vs Saline

  1. I have my consultation for my breast augmentation in october, but I'm still in the process of gathering information, opinions, etc.... I'm going to a large C/small D.... I've been told(by men) that i should go with silicone because they feel more realistic.... not sure though.... any other opinions are greatly appreciated.

    other surgeries that i will be having my consultation for: rhinoplasty and SRS/GRS
  2. are you thin and/or do you have very little tissue? if so i would go with silicone so there is a less chance of rippling. i would also suggest feeling the implants in the dr office to help you make a decision. when i felt them, then i knew which was the right choice (plus i was thin with not much there to begin with, lol.)
  3. Why would you listen to what men have to say about implants? It's your body and you have lots of choices to make when it comes to your breast augmentation. You need to educate yourself and make choices that are best for you - not choices that are best for anyone else.
    Silicone does feel more like natural breast tissue than saline. Also, silicone implants are much less likely to cause rippling. Your decision, in part, should depend upon how much natural breast tissue you have. If you have a fair amount of breast tissue, then the "feel" of the implant is not quite as critical because the implants will have adequate coverage by your own breast tissue (therefore, making your breasts still feel soft).
    There are disadvantages to silicone too. They are more expensive. They can also be a bit more difficult to work with (sometimes requiring a slightly larger incision than saline), which is why it is critical that you find a superior plastic surgeon. The biggest issue with silicone, is that a rupture is typically not immediately noticeable. A leak in a silicone implant tends to drain slowly (as opposed to a "gush" of saline that is absorbed into the body). As you probably know, studies have shown no evidence between silicone and long-term bodily harm, but silicone that leaks into the body can be more difficult (and more expensive) to repair/replace should a rupture occur.
    FYI, there is a thread about breast implants in here and you can probably find some great information there.
    Best of luck on your choices:smile:
  4. thank you. i did a search, but found threads about asian nose jobs. lol.... I'm mostly afraid of my implants rupturing and it causing me to have an allergic reaction. rippling is also a concern of mine... i dont have much to work with, so i def would want my breasts to look and feel as real as possible. i know i have a lot of questions i need to ask my surgeon.

    as far as money is concerned, cost really isnt an issue. my parents only concern is my health and well being.

    ETA: did a less lazy search and found boobie threads... thank you ^__^

  5. im in the same boat... freaking negative A. lolz....:p
  6. lol then i think you will want silicone. silicone implants are like the most studied medical devices. you can even run them over with a car and they won't break (i think there's a video on youtube).
  7. I started out with nothing(double a), I got saline and love them. I got them under the muscle and they feel as real as can be. I am now a double d :smile: I think you ended up getting silicone right?
  8. ^I don't have a preference when it comes to saline vs. silicone, but from a medical perspective, saline implants do not feel real (especially if you have very little natural breast tissue to cover the implants). It's just common sense - a bag of water does not feel like natural breast tissue. Having said that, saline implants do have some advantages of their own, so it really just comes down to personal preference:smile:
  9. Under the muscle there is virtually no difference in feel. Also it does depend on how they are filled as well. Some fill to the max, some do not fill to the max... It varies. I can say personally because I do have saline that they feel as natural as can be. I've felt both and have had comparisons between myself and someone with silicone and there wasn't a difference
  10. ^Then I guess we will have to agree to disagree:smile: I work in the medical industry and my experience is that saline implants do not feel like natural breast tissue (even under the muscle).
  11. ^^I agree with what you posted before - the amount of natural breast you had to start with will really affect the way they feel.
  12. Corning went out of business for their silicone implants. As fas as I know, there was absolutely no real evidence of their health risks, all lawyers and greed.
  13. I've had both and can tell you that saline do not feel like real breast tissue but silicone does. The saline rippled and sometimes I could hear them sloshing, and I did not get large implants, only went up to a B. I now have the new silicone and it is different than the old type in that should the unfortunate happen and they break, the silicone would not migrate but would stay put exactly where it is.

    BTW my first ones broke because I had a mammogram where they applied too much pressure. You absolutely must go to a place that has experience working with implants. They do not press the machine as hard but will take a few extra pictures to make up the difference.
  14. Good advice! I've never had a mammogram but when the time comes, I'll be sure to keep this in mind.
  15. ^There is always a risk that a rupture can occur during mammography - you even have to sign some paperwork that confirms that you understand the risk. Most medical facilities can accommodate for implants these days (because implants are so prevalent), but the risk is always there...