Silicone lip implants?

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  1. Has anyone heard of this - or had it done?

    It is supposed to be very good, permanent (as in you don't need top-ups etc) but you can have it reversed. It IS surgery though.
  2. The link to a site in the UK:

    I know of someone who sells this product and wants a couple of volunteers for their surgeons to try it on. I am tempted... :graucho:
  3. I have heard of people having it done and seen pics, but I do not think it looks very good :shrugs:
  4. Really? In what way no good? I am not about to rush into anything, but seemed a good idea - in theory :okay:
  5. I think that Jessica Simpson had them done... she admitted it in a magazine interview a while ago. At least I'm pretty sure it was silicon lip implants. There were pictures of her floating around on the internet soon after she had them done... she looked like a "sad clown" (her lips were very swollen and dropping downwards). It really depends on the woman, and the doctor performing it though... as long as they don't go overboard I think it should be okay.
  6. Oh no wonder i always thought her lips looked off
  7. Spund interesting!
    Anyone has tryed?