Silica Gel with your Purse

  1. Does anyone know why everything from shoes to purses comes with Silica gel packs?

    All of my belongings from my wardrobe to 25 inch TV to Queen size bed have been in an unairconditioned storage facility for over 3 years. :p

    Wanna buy a mattress?
  2. Was that a rhetorical question? Re: silica packets?
  3. Silica gel helps reduce mildew.
  4. I thought the silica gel was in there to absorb moisture from the inside of the package and keep it fresh.
  5. Correct!
  6. Yes, but will it really grow mold!?!? I'm afraid my whole life is growing mold, and I cannot kill the person (people) responsible. ::whine::
  7. The silica gel packets absorb moisture (which causes mold) and keeps the item it's in dry and moisture-free. I don't think you could keep an unconditioned storage unit moisture free if the area is humid or leaks or something - you'd have to take that up with the place you're storing things at. Unless you could buy buckets and buckets of silica gel packets and store them in the storage place too, you're probably hurting ...