Silica Gel beads all over my Bag!

  1. Well somehow, my Kooba Ebano Paige got mailed back to me with my return slip INSIDE a NEW box..NO CLUE how this happened. Maybe its a sign I ought to keep it!! LOL Actually, the more I look at it and handle it, I like it. The main reason I was trying to return it was cuz the silica gel packet was open when I got it and the beads were everywhere. Is this hazardous? Is it safe to use? I know, dumb question. (I cleaned the beads out btw) I don't think touching the beads is harmful, but just checking...
  2. I'm pretty sure they are only harmful if swallowed, but otherwise are just there to absorb moisture. I'm no expert on the topic, but if it were me I'd just clean it up and use it.
  3. unless you lick your bag, you're good. ;)
  4. As long as you don't eat them, they won't hurt you. Just dump them in the trash and enjoy your bag.
  5. Just dump them and wash your hands, you should be fine!
  6. yeah I dumped out all the beads, so the bag appears to be clean. I am a neat freak, I admit!! Today is my first day of using it..the leather smells yummy and the bag itself holds a ton! Will be taking it with me on vacation next week..good airplane bag for books, magazine, etc..