1. i don't know if its stupid but i collected silica gels/dessicants from shoe boxes and placed it inside my LV bags and boxes. I believe it dries up/ absorbs the moisture to preserve the leather of the shoes. So can this help slow down patina since one cause of patina is moisture in air/humidity and preserve the vachetta leather??? Thanks.:heart:
  2. good question
  3. Hmm the way you explained how silica works would make sense, however i would guess that it might not work if the bag is out in the open, perhaps needs to be in the dustbag, and it also depends how many you put in perhaps??? Not sure really, just a couple of wonderings
  4. I don't know...I won't even bring those little packets in to the house because I fear my kitties or child will get harmed by them. So weird:nuts: I know.
  5. The sillica is a great idea to prevent moisture which can cause those musty smells, but l have always found that the leather gets darker in the summer due to the heat. The rain doesn't help but l have found that the heat is far worse. I have now started spraying all of my bags with protector spray so that when it rains the leather never markks, I also clean off any marks with a product called vintage leather cleaner and then respray, by doing this it has kept the new look that some of us love.

  6. i actually keep my bags in its dustbags,in its boxes and then in my closet.I put two in each boxes and one inside the bag.hmmm i hope it really helps.

  7. yeah i understand its harmful when swallowed.:yes:
  8. One of the ladies here was nice enough to give a link to buy those. I was reading that it isn't good to keep in dustbag and box, because of moisture. So I got the silica gels to counteract it. But for your intial quesion does it slow patina, I'm not too sure.
  9. I read this earlier, and went to LV this afternoon, and I asked my wonderful SA. She said it could crack the canvas, but they haven't seen anything yet! (LV is always covering their butt, b/c they never know what the public will do if they tell them to use something like this) So, maybe but it in the box with the bag in it, and put the bag in a dust cover so it isn't in direct contact with the bag! :smile: :yes:
  10. I just use the ones that come in my shoe boxes but I haven't noticed that they slow down the patina at all.