Silent movies, anyone?

  1. i just wondered if anyone else loved silent movies?
    I stay up till midnight every sunday to watch them on TCM's "silent sundays".
    I don't even know why i love them, i just do.
    **although i'm not too hip on Chaplin films**
  2. They were one of my passions when I was in college. DW Griffith was a racist, and probably a bit delusional, but he was a genius filmmaker. And I don't think there is an actress alive today who can compare with Miss Lillian Gish!
  3. We had a theatre in Saint Paul that showed silent movies while someone played the piano alongside the movie. I watched a couple Buster Keaton movies. I really enjoyed them! I'm glad you pointed out the TCM films, Mrs. Jones. Thanks!
  4. ^^that would be the coolest thing to go see.

    And you're welcome.
  5. Mrs Jones- love your qoute! One of my favorite books.

    I've only seen a few silent movies, but I love them- esp. "Pandora's Box" with the incomparable Louis Brooks! I love that 1920's style, sigh..
  6. I really enjoy silent movies.

    MANY years ago my 6th grade teacher (who LOVED silent movies) would show us a couple silent movies a week. After each "series" of movies, we'd write a synopsis and then he'd order a big cake and we'd all have cake and talk about our favorite parts of the movie. He was a great teacher and really sparked our interest in films that we wouldn't have normanlly shown an interest in.