Sigrid Olsen

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  1. I noticed some of you are interested in Sigrid Olsen. My sister-in-law purchased a Sigrid Olsen handbag from TJ Maxx for around $80. She using it as a gym bag etc. I think the leather is sorta cheap looking. Thought I would share.
  2. yikes! really?

    there goes the SO bag im eyeing in nordies anniversary sale catalogue.
  3. I have a small SO hobo I bought at Macy's for $80 a while ago and the leather is soooo soft. I think it just depends on the bag.
  4. Yes I think it varies from style to style. I have a bronze leather hobo from SO that I got on discount at Lord and Taylor back in March and I'm still crazy about how it looks and feels. IMHO it's an underrated line that's at least as good as most of those Michael by Michael Kors bags, and not nearly as heavy!
  5. All the bags I've seen were deliciously soft and buttery. I'd put the particular bag I have up against any Chloe or Balenciaga out there, and it's far superior to the Paddington in leather quality.
  6. I've got a $40 Nordies reward, and it's going on that bag.

  7. I saw a really cute SO bag in Bloomies the other day. The one I saw was made with really nice and soft leather.
  8. its the alexandra drawstring bag, right? ($129.90 sale)

    anyway, its the one im planning of getting. will check it out this weekend.

    happy shopping to us! :yes:
  9. I've seen these bags at Macys. Some are quite nice. The leather feels nice.
  10. I was going to buy the bag, was right there online shortly after midnight, but it's lambskin. I won't touch anything lamb so it's out of the running. Lovely bag though, and I liked the fact that it had both types of handles built in.

  11. I just bought a red pebbled leather SO bag from Marshalls marked down to 72.00 and I love it. The bag holds a lot and the leather is really soft with subtle but elegant detailing. great bag.
  12. I'm going to have to check out her bags, I haven't seen them yet. My eyeglasses of all things are by her though! They are to die for, black plastic frames with blue around the edges, purple on the inside, and little inset crystals that are the exact same blue my eyes are. They have a slight retro feel, and I just love them. I'm sure her bags are nice, too! :supacool:
  13. deleted
  14. I have two SO bags that are just great. The leather is deliciously soft but stands up to lots of use. I have seen a few SO designs at Lord & Taylor that I thought were rather cheesy looking, but right there with them were some SO beauties. Go figure!
    I've sold a number of SO bags on eBay - there are lots of fans out there. And the SO store near me always seems to have steady traffic.
  15. The leather is the furthest thing from cheap looking. The quality is so buttery soft. And the bags are very reasonable. A great everyday bag. :idea: